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I’ve been using SVN for several years now, because revision control is essential to programming pretty much anything slightly complicated. SVN is really straightforward and easy to use, and it has served me well. However, these days people are moving on to distributed version control systems, so I figured I’d check one out (pardon the pun). These days, the most popular thing in the open source world seems to be git, so I decided on that. The learning curve is decidedly sharper than SVN’s, but I’m sort of finding my way through it. The thing I really like about git is github; sort of a social network for git code hosting. I’ve got an account there and I’ll be pushing my random test stuff onto that for the time being. The nice thing about git/github is that it feels cheaper to do things, so you don’t worry too much about experimenting. I’ll probably still put bigger commits on Google Code’s SVN, but unfortunately the native windows port of git, msys-git, lacks git-svn so I have to do it manually. Anyway, my github url is , where you can find my meager progress on wii projects. Unfortunately, school is taking up too much of my time but I might try to make a prototype of a windowing system tomorrow.


Text Invaders 0.6

After a bit of work, I’ve released another version of Text Invaders in Java, this time a bit more featureful. The full changelog is on Google Code here, but in summary, I added a HUD, money/score, menus, a rudimentary shop, and waves. The release is available in executable jar format again here. The next release should add a lot of polish and turn what are mostly a bunch of placeholders in this version into actual counterparts of the VB version.

Text Invaders Java 0.5

I’ve resumed working on my Java port of Text Invaders, and so far things are going fairly well. I’ve got an alpha quality release up on Google Code now, available at . Right now it’s just basic collision detection and graphics working. I’ve got a list of bugs in the issue tracker for each milestone, and I hope to get 1.0 out by the end of the summer.

The game is packaged in an executable JAR format, which should mean it’s cross-platform as I only use built-in nonnative libraries (Graphics2D FTW) but I haven’t tried it on anything other than Windows yet.

LANeroids now online, will be worked on soon

Yay, finally got around to putting the source for LANeroids (my catchy name for my APCS final project) on my google code svn repository, and I plan to work on it further. I have some ideas about optimizing performance to make it not suck, such as ripping out all the serialization junk and replacing it with sending strings over sockets instead. Much less dense and less bandwidth required, and I have a feeling serialization takes a fair bit of time in Java. I was pulling out just the graphics code for a Robotics thing and I found that the graphics/keyboard input portion without the networking runs 10x faster on my computer, so the serialized network code is definitely to blame.