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I’ve been using SVN for several years now, because revision control is essential to programming pretty much anything slightly complicated. SVN is really straightforward and easy to use, and it has served me well. However, these days people are moving on to distributed version control systems, so I figured I’d check one out (pardon the pun). These days, the most popular thing in the open source world seems to be git, so I decided on that. The learning curve is decidedly sharper than SVN’s, but I’m sort of finding my way through it. The thing I really like about git is github; sort of a social network for git code hosting. I’ve got an account there and I’ll be pushing my random test stuff onto that for the time being. The nice thing about git/github is that it feels cheaper to do things, so you don’t worry too much about experimenting. I’ll probably still put bigger commits on Google Code’s SVN, but unfortunately the native windows port of git, msys-git, lacks git-svn so I have to do it manually. Anyway, my github url is , where you can find my meager progress on wii projects. Unfortunately, school is taking up too much of my time but I might try to make a prototype of a windowing system tomorrow.


WorldWiideWeb – A Wii homebrew web browser

So, I’m starting to develop Wii homebrew, and I felt that one thing the Wii lacks is an easy way to download homebrew that isn’t on the Homebrew Browser. I decided that the best solution for this would be to make a web browser. I had also wanted to make an RSS reader, so I will be including that as well. I decided upon the painfully creative name “WorldWiideWeb” because it seemed somewhat appropriate. I apologize for the name, but it was the best I could come up with.

To date, I have made a simple app that downloads a specified file. Now, I’m going to focus on the presentation aspect, and I’ve decided that I might as well make a general-purpose library type thing for Wii homebrew application GUIs, which easily allows the developer to make windows and such. Unfortunately, I’m now away from my Wii on weekdays so I’ll have to learn SDL/C++ to make some mockups of the windowing system. But hopefully, this should end up being very useful for the Wii homebrew community. I don’t expect anything useful to be completed before summer, though.


I was playing around with homebrew on my Wii the other day, checking out new software on the excellent Homebrew Browser, when I came across something called MAsteroids. It purported to be a multiplayer version of Asteroids, something like what I did with LANeroids, but with local multiplayer and actual asteroids (!), which I thought was pretty cool so I downloaded it right away. It actually was very nice, it supports every control method available on the Wii and I realized it could be very fun. I’m thinking of contacting the developer once I get my feet wet with homebrew development on the Wii and asking if I could join him as a developer or something like that. I’d love to add wifi capabilities to it, although as of yet I don’t know how sockets work in C++, so that will take some learning.

By the way, the idea of multiplayer asteroids wasn’t mine, there was this really old game my friend had a long time ago which was basically multiplayer asteroids, with lots of crazy powerups and stuff. It was one of those Cosmi games, which I later learned were all on the same disc and you just needed the proper word from the manual to install all the games. In fact, a search for multiplayer asteroids turns up quite a few results. Funnily, the flash version was actually made after I made my project for APCS. Unfortunately, I can’t find that original game that was so much fun back then. I remember it had wormholes and several types of powerups or something like that. Bleh.