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Text Invaders 0.6

After a bit of work, I’ve released another version of Text Invaders in Java, this time a bit more featureful. The full changelog is on Google Code here, but in summary, I added a HUD, money/score, menus, a rudimentary shop, and waves. The release is available in executable jar format again here. The next release should add a lot of polish and turn what are mostly a bunch of placeholders in this version into actual counterparts of the VB version.


Text Invaders Java 0.5

I’ve resumed working on my Java port of Text Invaders, and so far things are going fairly well. I’ve got an alpha quality release up on Google Code now, available at . Right now it’s just basic collision detection and graphics working. I’ve got a list of bugs in the issue tracker for each milestone, and I hope to get 1.0 out by the end of the summer.

The game is packaged in an executable JAR format, which should mean it’s cross-platform as I only use built-in nonnative libraries (Graphics2D FTW) but I haven’t tried it on anything other than Windows yet.

Driver’s License

I finally got my license today, somehow managed to pass on the first try in Fremont, which has horrible roads compared to Pleasanton, and I don’t really know anything about. I had 12 errors out of a maximum 15 so I guess I cut it kind of close. But I’ve never really cared much about getting my license because I don’t have a car to drive, but at least I can drive around on my own now if I need to.